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Pregnancy, birth and motherhood facilitator

Welcome to Conscious Birth

What is Conscious Birth?

Conscious Birth obviously is about physical birth, it is also about all types of transitions that women experience. It is about guiding women who prefer living in a more conscious and natural way to clarify and achieve their goals during periods of challenge and change.

The common theme in relationship changes, career changes, achieving pregnancy, pregnancy itself, labour, birth, and motherhood is change, or birth into a new phase of life.

Using only techniques and modalities that she has tested and found workable in real life, founder and owner of Conscious Birth, Theoni Papoutsis, uses her two decades of training and experience to help women to find their centre and to feel more confident and capable.

A compassionate and knowledgeable guide, Theoni uses a variety of tools to expand women’s awareness of themselves. She assists women to become assured and knowledgeable enough to choose their own best path and she provides the necessary wisdom, insight and help when it is most needed.