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Thank you Theoni! I feel so much better physically as well as much more confident of what I am doing as a new mother...thank you.

Rebeca mother of Alex

Jesse and I both really enjoyed the class and it was so nice meeting other Moms and it was equally nice for Jesse to meet some little ones too. We all got a chance to share our fears, achievements and personal dilemmas with the class and brilliant advice and support was always offered. The Yoga was incredible too. I have actually started loosing weight again and in my last class I managed to touch my toes, Thank you.

Claire mother of Jesse

The hypnobirthing course was invaluable. My husband and I learnt so much about our pregnancy, our values and what kind of parents we want to be. The course gave us an understanding of what the birthing process should be. Had we not attended the hypnobirthing classes, we would not be as confident about our baby’s birth. I feel that we are now better equipped to make certain that my baby has a safe, happy and healthy birthing experience.

Anna mother of Sam

“The pregnancy massage was a wonderful way to get rid of tensions held in my body, that I didn’t know I had been carrying. After the massage I felt much more positive and lighter about the situation I was dealing with at the time. It was a lovely treat that relaxed my mind as well as my body.”

Sharon mother of Matthew

“Thank you for the meaningful way in which you facilitated and guided what was a very special and spiritual blessing for Ryan. Your presence held our group and provided a beautiful space for us all to celebrate Ryan's little life. The words, the music, the creative ideas .... all perfect.” Debbie, mother of Tamryn, Aeden and Ryan

Debbie, mother of Tamryn, Aeden and Ryan

“Preggie yoga is different from other forms of yoga because Theoni addresses various aspects of the birth experience and motherhood every week. By making use of specific movements and stretches. In this process you get a workout that does not tire you, but rather revitalizes you. You also get the opportunity to meet other moms-to-be. This opens up your pregnancy ‘horizon’.

Renske mother of Tayo

Thank you so much for nurturing massage and practical advise, has helped me so much. and breastfeeding lying down is amazing, feel more rested and confident. thank you

Shannon mother of Levi

Thank you. The HypnoBirthing helped me even though birth was longer than my first, the rainbow relaxation helped me to rest in between, breathing with the contractions...I could feel my cervix opening...thank you.

Melanie mother of Kaylana

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the birth experience I had-I hear so many people talking about what they are going through and their perceptions of the journey and I'm so glad mine was nothing ,like that! They don't get it and they never will which I find quite sad that they will miss out on the awesome expereince I had thanks to you xxx

Natalie mother of Cruz and Lola

Thank you so much Theoni!!! I fell in love with him the moment I saw him!! Inexplicable feeling!!! HypnoBirthing was amazing, my body did everything for me.

Janie mother of Paul

Thank you so much for HypnoBirthing and assisting me to release my fears around my first birth experience...From 50 hours of labour first time to 40 minutes!!!! I had my baby in the car on route to Genesis!!!

Phillipa mother of Zoe and Carson

Thank you!! Wanted to tell you the word that came to mind as to how I'm feeling after massage is "Beautiful".

Shelley mother of Will and Jack

Thanks Theoni!! I was 10 days over so gyne booked an induction, went in Monday at 9pm and the induction was supposed to be at 4am Tuesday. Sarah arrived at 1:40am no epidural or anything...just naturally. Thank you for all your help, support and advise it was a God send!! Love HypnoBirthing.

Debbie mother to Jemma and Sarah

Thank you for a wonderful kahuna massage yesterday. I'm feeling a lot more relaxed and I'm breathing much better as have had tight chest. I released alot of trapped emotions...see you next week.

Bridget mother to Isabella and Kaylah

It was intense as expected but luckily quick, active labour 2 hours and 4.45kgs. thank you for being part of mine and his journey. For all the massages, NLP and your magic!

Shelley mother of Will and Jack

It is such a special time for both of us. Not only do I get to relax and do some much needed yoga but I also spend quality time bonding with Michael. It is such a peaceful, supportive and non-judgemental environment to be in. We have both made wonderful friends and I don't know who gets more excited to 'play' me or Michael! Theoni is a fountain of knowledge and it has been so useful discussing each new miracle of development. HIghly recommended!!

Bev mother of Michael