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Pregnancy, birth and motherhood facilitator

Schedule an Appointment

Theoni is available for you to make an appointment, there are the following options:

1. Individual sessions at her practice (see modalities & tools for more information and choice)

2. In groups with other women i.e. Blissful sessions, Pregnancy yoga, HypnoBirthing and Workshops.

3. Via skype, for where ever you may be.

4. Initial Assessment:

In order to determine your unique needs, Theoni invites you to see her for a complimentary 15 minute assessment session. During this time you can ask questions and discuss a way forward with Theoni. If your schedule is too busy then this initial assessment can also be done on skype. You are invited to contact me for a 15 minute complimentary session we can discuss questions and find way forward. We custom make package for your journey, any stage of life to satisfy needs and create a centered and confident way of living.