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Biodegradable Flush-able liners

Available Sizes: + - 100 pack

R 125.00

What is a biodegradable and flushable nappy liner? They protect the nappy from becoming heavily soiled. Urine passes through but the solids are held by the liner. The whole liner is then flushed down the toilet. Our liners are larger and firmer than most, which means they seldom miss the messy bits! The full biodegrading process takes roughly 30 days. Liner Components: Mostly wood pulp + a binder.
Potty training tip: Use these biodegradable & flushable liners to line the bottom of the potty. After use, flush them down the toilet! No need to deal with a messy dirty potty!
Wet only liners can be washed once in a mesh bag or old pillow-case with the nappies to extend their use (the paper is designed to hold liquid).
Caution: Because the liners take a full month to bio-degrade never flush more than one liner at a time. Flushing may cause blockages in old or damaged sytems and washing machines. No responsibility by the manufacturer or distributors shall be accepted for damage to individual drain systems resulting from the use of this product.


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