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Baby Wrapz

Available Sizes: One Size

R 250.00

Baby Wrapz is the ideal way to carry your baby. The wrap can be used from birth (+/- 2.5 kg) to about 18kg and is adaptable to your babies developmental state: from a little birth cocoon (hangmat style) to being upright facing Mum, from about 4 months upright facing out, and later the baby can be carried sitting on the hip. Wrapping instructions are included, the basic wrap tie is very easy to learn, all carry options use the basic wrap. The wrap comes in a fitted pouch for easier storage and take along. When it is not in use the wrap can be used as a blanket or pram cover up and it can go into the normal wash. In short: a hands free, bonding, loving, calming, practical and content baby carrier! Due to the material used - cotton with lycra it is possible to wrap it once and take your baby in and out as required without the need to re-wrap it. Leave it on in the car and place your baby in the wrap at each stop doing your daily business. Much easier, quicker and less heavy then taking the pram in and out the car a few times.


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