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Fancypants- Boys shwe shwe potty training pants

Available Sizes: small, medium or large

R 200.00

Unlike some other training pants our Boys Potty Training Pants are more like underwear than a nappy. Each pant has 2 layers of our highly absorbent microfibre material as the inner padding which absorbs the majority of those little accidents. They are then covered with organic cotton so just like our nappies only natural materials touch baby’s skin. The padding is also sewn in from waist band to waist band which is great as there are no sticky outy bits so they really do look just like underwear. Our Boys Potty Training Pants come in 3 sizes (S, M & L). Happy shopping!
SIZING GUIDELINES: Please note the following size ranges are approximations and fitting may differ based on the body type of your child.
• Small: 9 – 11 kg
• Medium: 12 – 15 kg
• Large: 16+ kg


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