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Fancy pants-Girl shwe shwe potty training pants

Available Sizes: Medium( + 15KG/ 3-4yrs)
Medium( + 15KG/ 3-4yrs)
Small (11-15KG/2-3yrs)

R 200.00

They look just like underwear and are made from organic cotton and have 2 layers of our super absorbent microfibre inserts sewn in underneath. Thin enough to be underwear, not so thick they are a nappy! Our Girls Potty Training Pants are designed to catch some of the mess but not all, the perfect transition from nappy to underwear Our Girls Training Pants come in 2 sizes (S & M). Happy Potty Training!
SIZING GUIDELINES: Please note the following size ranges are approximations and fitting may differ based on the body type of your child.
• Small: 10 – 14 kg
• Medium: 15+ kg


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