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Fancypants-Super starter nappy pack

Available Sizes: Birth to potty

R 3,075.00

Are you just beginning your cloth nappy “stash” or are you looking for a special gift for a new mum? We have the perfect Super Starter Nappy Pack for you. We’ve been using cloth nappies for years and have compiled items that you’ll need to get started plus a few added extras that make life easier when you’re a new mum.
See the product description below for a list of what’s included and make your colour selections from the choices.
• X 10 Nappy Color Choices*
• 1 x 500gm bag of Soapnuts
• 2 x rolls of liners (each pack has 100 liners)
• 1 x oh lief gift box
• 1 x dummy thermometer
• 1 x single 150ml glass bottle*
*Choose colours.


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