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Soft 'n Dry Bedmat

Available Sizes: One Size

R 380.00

For Easy Toddler Training. This supersoft cotton bedmat lies on top of the cot or bedsheet, and is so comfortable, that your child will be happy to sleep directly on it. The secret is in the waterproof membrane enclosed within the absorbent cotton outer.
Other bedding stays dry, so there is no changing beds in the middle of the night. Simply whip off the bedmat and machine wash in the morning. Suitable for children aged 2-5 who have not yet achieved nighttime dryness.
100% Cotton Outer Hypno-allergenic, anti-odour, Anti-bacterial, Machine wash, tumble or line dry. “ I have been using an amazing water proof for my kids for the last 3 years .It is 100% cotton bed mat which goes on top of the kids sheets - so that when they wet their beds at night, its a minimal fuss. The bed mats are a brilliant product - they are soft, no plastic, all natural (They would be perfect mattress protector for cots)”


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