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Washable Women's Sanitary Pads-Regular

Available Sizes: 2 pack

R 80.00

This tends to be the response I'm hearing a lot about this product. The answer is yes, serious. We have created the Ladies Own Toilette range in response to a growing demand from our customers and the natural environment! The pads have been cleverly designed into a super soft & comfortable; light-weight yet very absorbent and waterproof pad. They are designed in a similar structure to our washable breast pads. The inner layer is natural, unbleached stokkinette which also allows moisture to pass through into the middle absorbent layer. Then there is a waterproof layer and an outer cotton layer. The pads have wings which fasten in place around panties. For full time use you will need 2 sets of regular pads and one set of heavy flow pads. The regulars also make comfy every-day pantie liners.
• Kinder to nature: washable & reusable
• Comfy, soft & natural fabric against your skin
• No absorbing chemicals used
• Breathable water-proof layer
• High absorbency with a design that draws moisture away from the surface of the pad
• Light-weight, slim design
• Fastens securely around under-wear
• Savings benefit over time
Directions for use:
• Secure the pad around your underwear with the popper fastener (un-bleached stokkinette to skin, white breathable water-proof toweling at the bottom).
• Change when required.
• Pre-soak pads in a small lidded bucket in a solution of 1 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate (salt) to 10 litres of cold water. Place all your used pads for
the day in this bucket.
• Hand wash in cool to luke-warm water.
User Tips: Take a small waterproof bag with you when out and about. You could wash the pads after your bath. Re-cycle your grey water if possible. Remember, this procedure only occurs once a month!


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