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Mother Nature - Nature Nappy

Available Sizes: Birth to potty

R 197.00

This is our original 100% natural bamboo-cotton towelling one size cloth nappy design that adjusts to fit from birth to potty training and any size in-between! Elasticized waist & legs gives this nappy a snug & leak-proof fit. Shaped to create an un-bulky nappy which keeps the “messy bits” where they belong. Plastic poppers are used to fasten the nappy. These snap on easily and are very strong and durable.
Separate Nappy and Cover design: Either a rainbow nappy cover or night fleece cover is worn over the nappy to keep baby dry.
User Tip: On hot days, use the nature nappy without a cover at home to create a more airy nappy area.
Flexible: use a booster pad for extra absorbency for example at night.
Easy Use: Get your money’s worth from our versatile nappy which adjusts by folding the front panel down & tucking the inner panel under itself therefore reducing the crotch to create a smaller nappy. For older babies don’t fold anything down.


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