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Labour Kit- Little Gems Homeopathics

Available Sizes: One Size

R 200.00

Contains remedies for enhancing physical and emotional comfort in labouring women and to preserve and promote normal birth.
1. Baby In Utero: To help with the baby’s position. Can be taken during the last week before due date and during the first stage of labour IF the position of the baby is not completely ideal
2. Cervix care: Helps the cervix dilate and lose rigidity. To be taken after the mucous plug has cleared, and especially if there are no discernable contractions within 2 hours. For rigidity and muscular hardness of the neck of the uterus, or a dry undilatable cervix. Especially in cases of restlessness or fear.
3. Uterus care: Ideal for the second stage of labour to regulate contractions. Contractions could cease or their direction within the uterine muscle could be misdirected. For contractions that go to the back or down the buttocks, or upwards instead of down. Also to prevent nervous anxiety that prevent contractions.
4. Labour pain: Remedies for mental and emotional stability to limit pain. A combination of remedies to enhance physical emotional comfort, and prevent exhaustion thereby helping the effectivity of each contraction to bring about a healthy birth. For painful cramp type pains, and to prevent nerve pain from nervous hypersensitivity.
5. Arnica 1M powder: A single dose powder to be given at the end of labour. This dose should do wonders to prevent/limit bleeding and bruising and start the process of healing of the perineum.


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