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Baby Kit- Little Gems Homeopathics

Available Sizes: One Size

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Little Gems Homeopathic Home Use Kits are a range of 4 different kits designed for use in the home. Each kit consists of 4 different complex remedies that have been tried and tested in the homeopathic practice of Dr Erica Van Meygaarden for the last 12 years. Once families began to use and rely on theses remedies from all over the area, she decided to combine them into a little kit that can be put into a handbag or suitcase. The kits are easy to use and understand, with a very informative pamphlet explaining the use of the remedies. The remedies are made up using the typical homeopathic sugar balls, which is safe and does not produce side effects.

This box includes remedies for your baby from birth and through the first year. When baby struggles to fall asleep, or has pain from teeth or tummy, these remedies can help to ease the difficult times so that you can enjoy every moment with baby. The remedies are dispensed on a sucrose based granule, which is perfectly safe with no side effects. A small ¼ capful of the granules can be given to babies from newborn, sprinkled on the tongue or dissolved in water or breast milk.
The homeopathic soother for painful and irritated gums. This combination works like an anti-inflammatory for sore gums. It also can:
• Helps the teeth to emerge easily and properly in the mouth, and can reduce the teething time for each tooth.
• Calms a fretful and irritated baby
• Helps for low grade fever that often accompanies teething
• Can assist with acid stools or digestive upsets that come with teething
Dosage: Take ¼ capful 3x a day, or every 15 minutes when needed. (Directly in the mouth or dissolved in water)
Ingredients: Chamomilla D1, 30ch, Phytolacca 30ch, Kreosotum 30ch, Hekla lava 30ch, Ferrum Phos 30ch, Gunpowder 30ch, Calc phos 15ch, Calc carb 30ch, Calc flour 15ch,
Sluggish bowel
This remedy helps with a sluggish colon by stimulating the peristalsis and natural movement of the intestine. It can help with constipation in babies, as well as children and adults. This formula is not a laxative, but rather helps within a few days to improve the natural peristalsis.
• Sluggish and ineffectual passing of a proper stool
• Abdominal pain and urging in babies, due to hard or large stools
• Constipation in babies born via C-section who may have a sluggish colon from birth due to effects of anaesthetics. Also for any post -surgery constipation
• Sluggish intestines from changes in formula milk, or changing from breast to formula milk
Dosage: Take ¼ capful 2 x a day. Can be sprinkled on the tongue or dissolved in water/breastmilk. Stop on improvement
Ingredients: Alumina 200ch, Opium 200ch, Calc carb 30ch, Nux vomica 30ch, Colon 4ch

Cramps and Colic
This formula contains remedies for abdominal cramps, bloating and general pain in the stomach from spasms/cramps in the intestine. It will soothe your baby’s stomach quite quickly, and help them to burp any wind easily and without indigestion.
• Helps with digestion for an immature digestive system
• Helps to soothe an irritated intestinal lining, and to prevent bloating and winds.
• Anti-spasmodic for colic symptoms like pulling up the legs , restlessness, pain.
Dosage: Take ¼ capful 3x a day (or every 15 minutes when needed). Can be sprinkled directly on the tongue, or dissolved in water/breastmilk.
Ingredients: Chamomilla 30ch, Mag Phos 30ch, Morgan gaertner 30ch, Colocynthis D6,
Baby Restless
A wonderful remedy to have when your baby is restless and does not want to sleep or settle. This remedy will calm a distressed, overstimulated baby, where the reason is unknown. Crying for no reason in an otherwise healthy well-fed satisfied baby is common, and may indicate uncomfortable tummy, pain, or even fever.
• Symptomatic treatment of common infections, such as earache, toothache or mucous affections
• Restlessness and conditions of being over excited or overstimulated
• Tearfulness and moodiness in sensitive individuals
Dosage: Take ¼ capful 3x a day (or every 15 minutes when needed). Can be sprinkled directly on the tongue, or dissolved in water/breastmilk.
Ingredients: Chamomilla D1, BelladonnaD6, Plantago D3, Solanum Dulcamara D4, Pulsatilla D2, Calc carb D8, Valeriana D3


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