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Flu Kit 2-Little Gems Homeopathics

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Little Gems Homeopathic Home Use Kits are a range of 4 different kits designed for use in the home. Each kit consists of 4 different complex remedies that have been tried and tested in the homeopathic practice of Dr Erica Van Meygaarden for the last 12 years. Once families began to use and rely on theses remedies from all over the area, she decided to combine them into a little kit that can be put into a handbag or suitcase. The kits are easy to use and understand, with a very informative pamphlet explaining the use of the remedies. The remedies are made up using the typical homeopathic sugar balls, which is safe and does not produce side effects.

This box is for all the symptoms of mucous production. In the second stage of flu, after the acute fever or pain, mucous is formed to protect the soft inner lining of the sinuses, eustachian tube, and respiratory tract. However, preventing the mucous from becoming infected is important, as this could lead to chronic, ongoing mucous. This is often the case in sinusitis, or bronchitis. The remedies in this box promote mucous drainage.
The homeopathic decongestant for any catarrh in the throat and sinuses. This remedy is indicated when mucous has turned either yellow or green, or thickened and white.
• Prevents thickening of mucous, and promotes mucous drainage
• Prevents inflammation and swelling of the membranes in the nose, by healing the mucous lining.
• Stops sinus congestion.

Dosage: Take 5 pillules 3x a day, or every 1-2 hours in acute conditions
Ingredients: Hydrastis 6ch, Kali Bich 200ch, 30ch, Kali Mur 30ch, Kali Sulf 30ch, Kali carb 30ch, Merc Dulc 30ch, Silica 30ch, Hepar sulf 30ch, Nat Sulf 30ch
This remedy is indicated at the start of a bronchial infection. There is a tight feeling in the chest, or even chest pain on breathing. There may be the sound of mucous in the chest, as well as a loose cough, often without expectoration.
• Decrease bronchial inflammation especially at the first sign of chest tightness so that the bronchitis does not progress.
• Promotes drainage of loose bronchial catarrh,
• Relieves a tight, dry unproductive cough

Dosage: Take 5 pillules 3x a day, or every 1-2 hours in acute conditions.
Ingredients: Antim tart 30ch, Lobelia 30ch, Sticta pulm 7ch, Rumex crispus 15ch, Phos 6ch, Ipecac 30ch, Corallium 30ch
Earache can come from mucous build-up in the Eustachian tube which connects the throat to the ear. It can also be referred pain from a throat infection. This remedy can be given on the first signs of ear pain, such as pain when lying down.
• Promotes drainage of mucous away from the ear and into Eustachian tube.
• Prevents the thickening of catarrh near the ear drum, and prevents chronic ear infections if given regularly.
• Promotes healing in the case of a burst eardrum, and discharging of pus from the ear.

Dosage: Take 5 pillules 3x a day, or every 1-2 hours in acute conditions
Ingredients: Ferrum Phos 30ch, Merc Dulc 15ch, Pulsatilla 6ch, Belladonna 200ch, Kali Sulf 30ch, Kali Mur 12ch, Phosphorus 30X, Silica 30ch, Capsicum D10

Croup is usually a viral infection that causes a characteristic barking cough and a harsh low-pitched wheezing. This remedy is for the immediate relief of the spasm and swelling in the upper bronchial tubes or larynx.
• It relieves irritation in the bronchi and promotes the drainage of mucous.
• It also relieves a cough that is triggered by breathing cold air, and that sounds like a low-pitched wheeze or the characteristic barking cough in croup.
• Improves the feeling of tightness in the chest

Dosage: Take 5 pillules every 10- 15 minutes during a croup attack, or 5 pillules 3-4 x a day for tight dry barking-type cough.
Ingredients: Spongia 30ch, Calc carb 30ch, Hepar Sulf 30ch, Laryngeal Mucosa 7ch


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