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Breastfeeding Shells

Available Sizes: Large

R 450.00

Natural Nourishment and Protection for Nipples During Breastfeeding

- Breast milk has excellent hydrating, healing and anti-inflammatory properties that allow nipple cracks and wounds to heal quickly.
- The Breast Shells protect irritated nipples from rubbing on bras,
easing any sensitivity, discomfort or pain you may have.
- They can be used to maintain the nipples permanently hydrated.
- They can contain small amounts of leaked milk and avoid clothes getting wet.
It is possible to use breast pads on top of the shells in case of abundant leakage.
- The ergonomic shape of the shells fits the areola so they do not press the mammary glands. They do not stimulate milk production outside the natural moments of milk flow.
- Women appreciate the softness and coolness of the shells

After each feed generously spread a few drops of your breast milk all over the nipple and place the shell on top, inside the bra.
It is possible to wear breast pads on top of the shells in case of leakage.
Wash the shells regularly with soap and hot water.

We recommend you to choose a size that will cover the whole diameter of your areola.
Small: shell size from 5 cm up to 5,5 cm
Medium: shells from 5,5 cm up to 6,5 cm.
Large: shells from 6,5 cm up to 7,5 cm.

The right positioning of the baby during feeding is the best way to prevent pain and cracks.
In case of infection, difficulty or pain, you must consult your midwife or your doctor.
Don’t use this product if you are allergic to mother of pearl or sea products.
Breastfeeding shells are reserver for mom’s only. Children must not play with them.

BEBE NACRE have awakened an old forgotten Scandinavian tradition and ever since we have been producing natural breastfeeding shells in France with love and precision since 2006.
Our natural shells help women to have a pleasant and comfortable breastfeeding experience.


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