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Pregnancy Yoga

What this is and who it is for:

Kundalini yoga for pregnancy is a holistic pregnancy yoga that focuses on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements in order to assist women during pregnancy and birth and to help them achieve optimum pregnancy health. Pregnancy yoga is the perfect way to safely exercise while you are pregnant and is recommended for any pregnant woman.

What to expect & benefits:

Over the last decade Theoni has honed her pregnancy yoga classes and she makes use of carefully selected yoga postures that are specifically designed to enhance physical strength. But the classes have emotional and spiritual benefits also.

Theoni’s pregnancy yoga classes will:
  • Enhance flexibility and tone key muscles that support your pregnancy health and assist you during birth.
  • Release tension in the spine and body and expand your lungs.
  • Build the strength and stamina you will need for the birth and beyond.
  • Provide a supportive community of women who are experiencing similar things to you.
  • Help you to deal with any anxieties about pregnancy, labour, birth and motherhood.
  • Offer you important me-time and give you the skills to assist you to focus and connect with your baby.

Whether you want to have a natural birth or not, these classes assist you in working through your fears, accessing your hidden strengths and leading you away from feelings of powerlessness to a place of belief in your power as a woman. In these classes Theoni acts as a guide on your journey towards greater belief in your power as a woman and she is also a reliable and knowledgeable source of information on all things related to pregnancy and babies.

Kundalini meditation & relaxation CD

The Kundalini music and chants that Theoni uses during her pregnancy yoga classes are also available for purchase on CD. Many babies have been born with Theoni’s music selection playing in the background and the CD can be used before, during and after labour to enhance your experience on the precious journey towards motherhood.

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Conscious Birth manual

The Conscious Birth manual is a valuable addition to the Pregnancy Yoga classes. It is a comprehensive compilation of information that you need from conception to after birth, gathered in one manual. It includes yoga pregnancy postures that you can take away to deepen your practice at home. Alternatively if you cannot attend classes, the manual can be used as a guide for your own unique journey providing you with yoga and meditation practices that you can work on at your own pace, in your own home.

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Theoni’s pregnancy yoga class is the highlight of my week. I know that I am going to relax and bond with my baby. I also enjoy listening to the other moms and how their pregnancies are going. It makes me feel connected to women who are going through the same amazing journey. And I can relate to their stories, fear, joys, and excitement. My baby loves the yoga class and I know that the meditations, chanting and postures massage him and make him feel safe. The yoga class gives me a chance to focus on my pregnancy and grounds me for the rest of the week.

Sharon, mother of Matthew

Pregnancy Yoga - Atholl Road

Day: Tuesdays | 9:30 - 11:00
Venue: Ishta Yoga Studio
121 Atholl Road, Atholl

The cost is as follows:

R120 per class, OR

R400 for a month, paid in advance for a 4 week month, OR

R760 for a month, paid in advance for a 4 week month, twice a week, OR

R1140 for 3 months, paid in advance for 4 week months.