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Pregnancy Yoga Workshops

Connect with your Baby

A workshop that helps you explore the mystery that you and your baby share in a fun and expressive way.

What to expect:

In this workshop, using simple, holistic tools you will be guided to access your intuition, trust your body and bond with your baby. Whether you are experiencing your first, second or third pregnancy this workshop is an opportunity to give this particular baby your attention and focus for one afternoon. It is also a chance to establish a deep (re)connection with yourself and the incorporation of some important me-time.

You can enjoy this workshop at any stage during your pregnancy. The workshop utilises the transformative qualities of pregnancy yoga and breathing, visualization, deep relaxation and sound. NEXT DATES: 30th July 2016 & 22nd October 2016

Connecting with baby workshop was a moving experience for me. I had had a couple of really tough weeks at work and when I got there I realized that I had not been connecting or conversing with my baby at all - I felt terrible. Theoni reminded me that even if I thought I wasn't - I was still connected. It was beautiful to go through the meditation and just to take the time to focus solely on the miracle inside me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to all moms to be!

Debbie-Lee Cheetham

Mom’s and Dad’s Workshop

A time to experience calmness and connection with your partner.

This class is especially designed for moms and their partners to experience pregnancy yoga together and to connect with their baby. Partners will be shown tools to support and nurture the pregnant party and baby during the rest of the pregnancy and during birthing. You will learn to breathe, stretch, relax and feel totally restored.

Your pregnancy is so unique and so short. This workshop provides the space for you to make time to consciously connect with each other before your baby arrives. Even though dads or partners are not physically experiencing the pregnancy, they can make an important contribution with their presence. Join this workshop and embrace a precious space together.

The ‘Mom & Dads’ workshop provided an opportunity for my husband and I to bond with each other. When you are pregnant and not feeling terribly attractive, it is a great thing to be able to bond with your partner on a spiritual, mental and even physical level through yoga. Through the yoga postures we found that our minds and bodies are in tune with each other. We shared a lot of good laughs and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. My husband loved meeting the other couples as this gave him a chance to experience our pregnancy with them. Leaving the workshop we felt connected as a couple, ready to take on parenthood together.

Sharon, mother of Matthew