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Postnatal Massage

What is this for and who it is for:

Early motherhood is challenging time and Theoni’s postnatal care and massage service will help you ease into this phase comfortably and confidently. Make an appointment for one or more postnatal care and massage sessions within 6 weeks after childbirth – the sooner the better though. Book anytime after day 4 after a natural delivery and after day 7 for caesarean.

What can you expect & benefits:

In the comfort of your home, enjoy a nurturing massage that alleviates discomforts experienced after birth and that facilitates recovery. This service differs from other postnatal care offerings in that Theoni supports the postpartum woman with compassion during a vulnerable time and provides personalised advice on whatever challenges that particular Mom may be facing – after all, no two Moms experience this stage in quite the same way. She has a wide range of knowledge on what will best support that individual, be it physical or emotional. If you choose to breastfeed then Theoni can teach you various techniques on how to breastfeed comfortably

The massage she performs facilitates a deep relaxation that helps sustain you through night feeds – caring for yourself during this time helps you to care for your baby too.

  • Addressing post-childbirth aches and pains, this massage releases stress, particularly in the shoulders and neck, that may result from carrying and feeding your baby.

  • Helps the body to bounce back to its pre-pregnancy shape more quickly by reducing water retention, shrinking the uterus, reducing cellulite and toning the body.

  • The unique nature of Theoni’s massage also helps women to reclaim their bodies by integrating their unique birth experience.

  • The postnatal care and massage service also makes for the best postnatal gift for friends or family members – enquire about vouchers that can be used for this purpose.

  • Postnatal support session can be booked without a massage if you simply need extra care, support and expert advice.

Thank you Theoni! I feel so much better physically as well as more confident of what I am doing as a new mother...thank you. All your practical tips and advice really work. Thank you!

Rebeca mother to Alex.