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Polynesian Floor Treatment

What/Who is it for?

The Polynesian floor treatment is a form of bodywork based on ancient Kahuna (Hawaiian) healing and massage principles. This treatment is different to the Kahuna massage. It is not appropriate for pregnant women, but rather for women at any other stage of life who simply need care or need to incorporate some important me-time into their lives. For this massage you remain fully clothed, as you would with Thai massages.

What can you expect & benefits:

Theoni works into joints and releases built up stress and tension. The benefits of this massage are that it flushes toxins from the lymph system thus restoring energy flow, its boosts your immune system and keeps you relaxed and supple.

This treatment is performed with awareness; the giver and the receiver become acutely focused on and aware of breathe, which facilitates release and deep relaxation. This massage leaves the recipient feeling soothed and calm.

The massage was amazing, I couldn’t stop talking about it . I’m still feeling great from the massage and have a renewed sense of courage.