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Kahuna Massage Experience

What this is and who it is for:

This type of massage is based on the Hawaiian mindset, which is: to live in Aloha, open-hearted. The Kahuna Massage Experience is a wonderful way to incorporate that essential me-time necessary to relieve the stress of the modern lifestyle. This massage is for non-pregnant women or husbands of pregnant or non-pregnant clients of Theoni.

What to expect and benefits:

Theoni, through an intense focus on breath and rhythm works gently but deeply into your muscles using continuous flowing strokes. This is a rhythmic and flowing massage that integrates music as a fundamental part of the experience. The rhythm used is profoundly relaxing, gentle and powerful all at once.

No two Kahuna massages are the same as Theoni creatively customizes each experience to suit the needs of that person at that time. A main principle of Kahuna is to encourage clients to know themselves better by inwardly listening to their own bodies and experiences.

Many people experience the total release of old, and possibly damaging, stored up emotions and limiting beliefs. One reason for this unique aspect of the massage is that each person that lies on Theoni’s massage table feels honored and deeply loved.

I am feeling great. It was a very positive session for me. Many things settled in my heart and it gave me peace and centred me. That is what I asked for before the session. For a renewed secureness and to established a sense of a secure self. Thanks again. Really powerful and you are very obviously gifted.

Lindsay mother of 2 boys