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Theoni’s quest for greater knowledge towards understanding began at the age of 17 when she did her first meditation course in Transcendental Meditation. Since then she has gone on to study Numerology, Tree of Life and Kabbalah under Kate Rheeders. She has completed the Life Line and Life Line counsellor course; learned from Deepak Chopra's primordial sound mediation course; and been trained in Peter Hieblooms Alpha Mind Power course. In 2005 she also completed her Vision Quest with Judy Bekker and Valerie Morris, who introduced the Vision Quest process to South Africa.

Theoni attended her first birth 19 years ago. She gained experience as a doula after qualifying as a Doula Birth companion and she spent many years working in conjunction with the teachings of Sharon Marsay, an active birth advocate. She has worked alongside many different caregivers, midwives and gynaecologists. With her qualification in Hypnotherapy, through the SA School of Practical Hypnosis and Research, she has expanded her offerings by being one of the pioneers of HypnoBirthing® in South Africa and has trained with the HypnoBirthing Institute. Theoni has been teaching HypnoBirthing® for eight years.

Most Theoni’s studies have pivoted around pregnancy and birth, which have been central to her journey of discovery. She undertook a special thesis on pregnancy whilst qualifying as an aromatherapist and reflexologist and this gives her unique insights and a deep understanding of what a therapist should provide. But she has also branched out and added to her specialisations with qualifications in Reiki and Life Alignment, giving her multi-modalities to work with in achieving health and relaxation for pregnant and post-partum women. She has also incorporated Life Alignment and hypnosis into her NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) life coaching, thus extending the treatments she provides to beyond the world of pregnancy and birth.

Theoni is a Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga teacher and she has specialised in Pregnancy Yoga under the mentorship of Aryo Jacobsen, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and Sat Hari Kaur. She is the original pregnancy yoga instructor in South Africa and has been teaching consistently for 14 years. Her specialised, tailor-made pregnancy yoga classes deal with the specific physical, emotional and spiritual concerns of pregnancy. The pregnancy yoga classes are also an opportunity for mothers to learn about pregnancy health and gain access to important information on pregnancy. In addition to pregnancy yoga, Theoni has also created a unique Mom’s and Babe’s yoga class that allows Moms and their babies to practice a type of yoga that accommodates them both and allows for playful bonding time. Her own daily spiritual yoga practice enriches the offerings she provides.

Theoni’s own pregnancy and the birth of her son in 2007 changed her life forever, and her values and beliefs about her world were profoundly and irrevocably transformed. She has continued to search for and find more integrative methods of guiding women through various transitions using NLP life coaching and by giving women practical tools to nurture their sense of self. This kind of nurturing helps women cope better with the complex array of situations found in life. Theoni’s unique guidance enables women to tap into their ability to flow with life and to develop a confident sense of knowing and a better, more fulfilling relationship with their spirits.

Theoni’s journey as a student, mother, teacher, therapist, counsellor, doula, hypnotherapist, NLP therapist and woman has led her to create Conscious Birth, Conscious Living. Her goal is to empower and support you in illuminating your unique path through the many transitions that you are bound encounter. Let your journey begin...