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Pregnancy, birth and motherhood facilitator

Blissful Sessions

What this is and who it is for:

In recognition of the fact that everyone’s circumstances are different, Theoni uses modalities in various combinations to suit your unique needs. Her solutions are therefore highly specific and customized to the individual. Theoni’s refreshingly honest, but gentle approach can help you in the following ways:

  • To switch on lights, so to speak, and to bring awareness to your consciousness so that you can approach your challenges differently and more positively and effectively.

  • To make better decisions and align with your values in order to be more capable, present, calm and balanced.

  • To set goals and design effective strategies in order to reach them.

  • To center yourself and allow this centeredness to have a positive domino effect on your family and all those around you.

  • To strengthen your inner sense of self and therefore cope better with all types of situations that occur in life.

  • To learn to flow with life and nurture a relationship with your spirit.

  • Show you how to fill your cup so that you are better able to thrive.

  • Teach you techniques that you can use to become in tune with your core self and your intuitive side.

What to expect and benefits:

Theoni provides practical guidance that works in real life. She works with you on an individual level – assessing precisely where you are and what you need. See the blissful mother, pregnancy and woman sections for more details.