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Blissful mother

What this is and who it is for:

When one becomes a mother life changes irrevocably. Some changes are easy to handle and some require extra adjustment. Blissful mother is about nurturing the mother in you and helping her deal with all the complex nuances that come with being a mother. The blissful mother journey is for all mothers who may need some guidance in dealing with any issue to do with motherhood. Some situations (certainly not all!) that can occur in your life when you are a mother may include:

  • Redefining your sense of self as well as redefining other roles you may fulfill, such as wife, lover, friend, working woman or non-working woman.

  • Finding a new way of being as you leave previously comfortable modes of being to embark on a redefinition of self.

  • Finding confidence in your new roles or regaining lost confidence.

  • Accepting and embracing how your engagement with the world around you has changed as a result of becoming a mother.

  • Dealing with the numerous important decisions that need to be made regarding your baby, yourself and your family.

  • Learning how to manage your time now that it is spread even more thinly across your responsibilities.

  • Accommodating this new person in your life whilst still accommodating yourself and others.

  • Reassessing your value system now that you have another person’s well being to consider.

  • Finding creative way to go back to work and still care for your baby, or finding it within yourself to leave work behind – depending on your circumstance.

  • Finding balance between all the pressures competing for your attention.

  • When your children begin to become more independent you may need to redefine yourself once more as they begin to discover life more fully and without your constant presence.

  • Working on being the kind of mother you really want to be.

  • Dealing with the overflow of information and opinions on how to mother your child or children.

  • Locating and becoming comfortable with your own style of parenting that suits you and your family.

  • Finding your own stride as a mother and having the confidence to trust your instincts and intuition.

  • Finding strength to stand up for yourself and your child.

What to expect and benefits:

When consulting Theoni about your role as a mother you can expect compassionate care, professional advice and practical strategies for the challenges you face. The benefit of consulting with Theoni regarding any challenge you may have with motherhood is that you will be engaging with someone who is, first and foremost, a mother. But over and above all her experience as a mother she has also been engaging with mothers for more than two decades and has guided them as they embrace this role.

Thanks so much Theoni for all that you did for me after having my daughter Kenzi. The birth and the 4 months after were very hard emotionally and physically. I felt very scared, overwhelmed and quite down, that was until I met you just per chance for a massage. It was only after chatting to you and being helped to process all that had happened to Kenzi and I, that I felt ready to start enjoying being a mother, stop feeling guilty for all that she had to endure, to stop feeling angry for what I endured, and to actually have fun with Kenzi and realise what a precious gift she really was to both my husband and I. I would still be stuck in a black whirlpool of emotions if it were not for you helping me to climb out. I really do appreciate your support and empathy, I really hope that every first time mom will get in touch with you to help them out on that wobbly road starting motherhood.

Bianca mother to Kenzi