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Belly Casting

What this is and who it is for

Preserve a memory from a beautiful time in your life and celebrate your blossoming belly with a belly casting.

A belly cast is plaster cast of your pregnant belly. It is your very own 3-dimensional keepsake that will preserve your gorgeous baby belly for all time. It is a unique way to capture this precious moment in time and celebrate the miracle of the life growing within you.

A belly casting is safe, fun and easy to do. It takes about one hour to complete and can be incorporated into a Blessingway ceremony, baby shower or private session for the mother and her family. It is best done in the final months of pregnancy and once dried can be painted and decorated. Keep it as a simple sculpture or wall hanging, use it as a focal point during the birth, or enjoy as a memento of the birth journey to share in the future with the precious child growing within you.

Should you wish to do your own belly casting, you can also purchase a kit from Conscious Birth that you allows you to do the belly casting yourself.

Now that I no longer have a belly it really is beautiful being reminded of the beauty of pregnancy. Every day when I walk past my unique, never to be repeated work of art handing on my wall I look forward to the day that I can let my boy know that my belly mask was moulded around his body in my belly.

Taiya mother of Jett